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This story has plenty of practical jokes and Toilet Humor. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.


You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Pound and Pumpkin Cake's Adventures and Misadventures in Potty Training provides examples of Actually Pretty Funny : When the Cake twins apologise for tricking Pinkie Pie into acting like a baby, she admits their prank was actually pretty funny. This is the very chapter that led me to giving this fic a Teen rating instead of an Everyone rating. What he really wanted, was having his breakfast in peace. The diaper never bothered him - he could keep it dirty for hours, unfortunately.

We went buying his new underwear together. I let him choose the slips he wanted, and explained that on the following week, he would have to say bye to diapers and use his new underwear. We talked about it several times during this period, and tried to install a positive pride for himself during the process.

There it go, on that famous weekend! Potty in the middle of the living room and no diaper. BUT we did our errands as usual. We saw friends, had dinner outside etc. I brought with me several changes, a towel to protect the car seat; I made sure to always show my son where the toilets were. We lived our regular life. As I saw he was dry after nap, I asked him if he wanted to sleep without diaper. Sometimes he said yes, sometimes no; I didn't force him on his choice.

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During the day I did force him a little, as he felt sometimes nervous about it and embarrassed when accidents happened. Nonetheless, I tried to stay cool and calm and reassure him. And provided myself with easy solutions express program on my washing machine!! For example, I told him episodes about all the accidents occurred to other children during potty training.

When your sister was little, My son is very sensitive and needs some gentle touch on such delicate matters, so he felt reassured of not being "wrong" in any way. I insisted a bit sometimes, as he would have liked to come back to the reassurance the diapers gave him. My son wasn't bothered at all by a wet diaper, so he did not have this incentive. He wasn't even bothered by his eczema. He was upset about putting some cream on it, and I tried to play on this to motivate him.

And it wasn't enough. Even the "you're no longer a baby! On the contrary, he started out playing the baby, babbling instead of talking. He told me that he wanted to be a baby and have diapers. Secondly, he was deeply embarrassed about accidents. He tries really hard when we are outside the house! When he's in nursery school for instance he's never had an accident. Even on the way to school, or if we go shopping or at the park, he's extremely careful.

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He asked me with a little voice : But what if I do it in my panties? I kept reassuring him, telling him that it's normal when one's learning; it is actually a way to learn, but he wasn't always reassured.

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I've began thinking that maybe I should have started earlier on, when he didn't have yet this shame or embarassement concept in his mind. I'll do a little digression here to answer to this question. It's come in my mind while I was writing. Would it have been possible to potty training my child before he could feel embarrassment? In practice,embarrassment is an emotion that appears when we perceive another person's attention on our-self.

To be able to feel this emotion, the child needs to have acquired :. This entails having ideas and preferences, feeling emotions, that may differ from those of others. The child learns to feel and abstract other people's emotions. All this happens approximately at months. With that, the emergence of the so-called "self-conscious emotions". Sit with your child, and put in front of you two plates. On one plate, something the child would never ever eat, like a nasty vegetable.

On the other, something he loves, chips or crackers. Take a bite of the vegetable, with explicit signs of pleasure.

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Then take the cracker, and show signs of disgust. Make it clear with sentences like hum, this cabbage is so good, I love it! Make it realistic!


Potty Training: Learning to the Use the Toilet

Now, hold your hand in front of the kid and ask Can you give me some? When your kiddo has acquired the sense of self and of others, at around 18 months, he'll give you the cabbage. Poor you! Before, he'll give you the cracker. Simply, he cannot imagine that someone would be so crazy as to be wanting a piece of cabbage, when he could have a cracker instead! No wonder. He can't perceive that others could have different tastes and desires. When he can, there it go with emotions such as embarrassment and shame.

This experiment was first presented by psychologists Dr. Betty Repacholi and Alison Gopnik, you can read something about it here. Or, you can watch these videos :.

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  5. Important note. Embarrassment resembles but is not equal to shame.

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    The first is linked to the perception of somebody else's attention on us. It can be a positive, such as a compliment, or a negative attention. Shame, instead, is more complex. Lewis M. The Self-Conscious Emotions. Lewis M, topic ed. Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development [online].

    The Adventures & (Mis)fortunes of Potty Training a Toddler

    Published September To conclude. When my son was 15 months he could barely walk; before his 2 years he couldn't possibly tell me anything about his physiological needs. If we listen to other experts, as Dr Steve J. Hodges, pediatrician urologist, potty training too early could cause damages constipation, urinary infections, and so on. You can read his article here. As I said, when dealing with children you end up with loads of equally discordant theories.

    I think it's good to seek for information, but without getting extreme nor anxious. In this case I believe : it is better to support my child overcome his embarrassment. No teasing. No extreme reactions.